Other benefit of Cassava

Whom do not recognize cassava? Crop "public people" this can be told hardly liked by Indonesia public. Not merely its(the corm having taste that is typical, but cassava leaf also can be jiggered to become a real scrumptious vegetable.

Cassava corm has calorie content, protein, fat, charcoal hydrate, calcium, phosphorus, ferrum, vitamin B and C, and amilum.

Cassava leaf contains vitamin A, B1 and C, calcium, calorie, phosphorus, protein, fat, charcoal hydrate, and ferrum. Whereas bar skin, contains tannin, peroxidase enzyme, glycoside, and calcium oxalate.

Besides as food, cassava crop has various special qualities as drug. Among others rheumatism drug, headache, fever, hurt, diarrhea, wormy, dysentery, xeropthalmia, gives, and can increase stamina.

can be done with usage in and external usage.
At external usage,counted 5 cassava leaf sheet, 15 red ginger grams, and lime putty sufficiently, refined and added water sufficiently. After swirled, ingredient dabbed at part of ill body. At usage in, 100 cassava bar grams, 1 leaf sirih, and 15 ginger grams is braised with 1000 cc water so remains 400 cc. Then, filtered and water in drinking 200 cc. Does twice one day.

Cassava leaf is boxed then applied for compress. As fever drug, 60 cassava tree trunk grams, 30 caryopsis grams has been soaked is finite softness is braised with 800 cc water so remains 400 cc. Ingredient filtered and drink it’s the water 200 cc. Does twice one day.

Hurt to fester,
fresh cassava bar is boxed then glued at part of ill body.

For hurt in skin,
cassava is grated then glued at ill part and band.

Hurt drug because hit by temperature object,
cassava is grated then is extorted. Its(the water is hushed a few moments finite there are sediment of its(the extract, then its(the extract dabbed at wounded part.

Overcomes diarrhea,
7 cassava leaf sheet fed is braised with 800 cc water so remains 400 cc. Then is filtered and in drinking its(the water 200 cc. Does twice one day.

Wormy drug,
60 cassava bar skin grams and 30 leaf grams ketepeng cina is braised with 600 cc water so remains 300 cc. Then is filtered and drinked it’s the water nearing sleep. Overcomes gives, 200 cassava leaf grams eaten as fresh vegetable.

To increase stamina,
100 cassava grams, 25 gram koempheria galangal (kencur) and 5 item angco which has thrown it’s the seed, refined by adding water sufficiently. Then added honey and in drinking.

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Cheese Cassava - Cooperation

Country of origin : Indonesia
Price : 5000 to 8000
Way Of Payment : Cash
Number of : unlimited
Tidy and sends : hardboard


we wish to invite cooperation with you to widen Mart cheese cassava, which a real easy cassava base barium is got , It is important to know that this product hardly enthused by all people , altogether likes cassava more than anything else with special characteristic of cassava fries we soft, crispy and soft. proven of we have opened in various areas and directly gets response that is good from public.

With small minimum capital
Rp 6 500 000 for standard class and
Rp 8.000.000 for class exclusive ( beautiful cart vasility and supply ready product is including expense of training until can produce carefully )

we have been able to open business profiting with net earning 100-150 thousand per day.
For enthusiastic of contacts us
ALI BURHAN in middle java 0286 322 164 Hp 081391488880
Adress: Notog RT 01/II Patikraja, Purwokerto, Banyumas
Purwokerto 53126, Jawa Tengah


Negara Asal:Indonesia
Harga:5000 s/d 8000
Cara Pembayaran:Tunai
Jumlah:tak terbatas
Kemas & Pengiriman:kardus

Kami ingin mengajak kerjasama dengan anda untuk melebarkan gerai singkong keju, yang berbahan dasar singkong yang sangat mudah didapatkan, Perlu diketahui bahwa produk ini sangat diminati oleh semua kalangan dari kalangan bawah sampai kalangan atas semuanya suka singkong apalagi dengan ciri kahas singkong goreng kami yang lembut, lunak dan gurih.
Terbukti kami telah membuka di berbagai daerah dan langsung mendapatkan respon yang bagus dari masyarakat.
Dengan modal yang minimal kecil ( Rp 6 500 000) untuk kelas standar dan Rp 8.000.000 untuk kelas exclusive (vasilitas gerobag cantik dan perlengkapan siap produk termasuk biaya pelatihan sampai dapat produksi dengan baik.
Kita telah bisa membuka usaha yang profittable (menguntungkan) Dengan rata2 pendapatan bersih 100-150 ribu per hari.

Bagi yang berminat Silahkan hubungi kami

0286 322 164
Hp 081391488880
Alamat: Notog RT 01/II Patikraja, Purwokerto, Banyumas
Purwokerto 53126, Jawa Tengah

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Sweet Potato Soup

This there are recipe from my grandmother, I don't know this from malaysia is from cina, its the name Tong Sui.

I like Tong Sui is mouth scrubber soup chinese beloved. There is many types on tap Sui. Some people cooks it by the way of a real simple. Sweet potato soup was very easy and makes it only require time 20 minutes.

Sweet potato basically eaten by poor people. I remember when my old fellow tells that during second world war, safe people because there are sweet potato because easy to in planting and growing.

But now shall no longer and this recipe need to be tried


  • 3 pieces of sweet potato
  • 1 brown sugar slab (for sweetness)
  • 2 pandan leaves (for flavor)

  • Peel the skin off from the sweet potatoes and cut it into bit-sized chunks. I tie a knot on the pandan leaves so that I can easily remove it after the soup is cooked.
  • Drop a piece of brown sugar slab into a pot of boiling water. I use three cups of water.
  • I then just pour everything into the pot and boil it for 15 minutes. That's it -- sweet and simple.

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Cassava Transformation and Friable Embryogenic Callus Development

At CIAT, genetic transformation of cassava is being used as a tool to support conventional breeding programs. The aim has so far focused on genes (such as those for pest resistance) not yet available in cassava germplasm, although the modification of metabolic pathways (like starch modification and b-carotene content) to improve cassava is also sought. Transgenic plants, and cell lines, containing genes for pest resistance, starch modification and herbicide tolerance, are now being produced. Molecular tests for gene expression, and preliminary bioassays to test efficacy of protection against cassava stemborer were carried out this year. We observed low levels of protection. However, more bioassays with younger larvae have to be done to confirm observations.

Transformation is now being achieved with friable embryogenic callus or FEC, and using a model, and farmer preferred cultivars. We have established FEC cell lines for four cultivars, two of which are for the North Coast, one for the inter-Andean valleys of Colombia, and a cultivar used as a model in transformation. We have therefore set up a system for scaling up cassava transformation at CIAT. Experiments are done 2-3 times a month, using Agrobacterium or biolistics, with at least four cultivars (TMS 60444, SM 1219-9, CM 2306-4, and M Col 2215).

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Genetic Diversity Characterized

We extended our study of the genetic diversity of cassava landraces, using microsatellites, to assess the genetic diversity and differentiation of cassava landraces from five countries in South America, three in Central America, and four in Africa; and also to African cassava genotypes resistant to cassava mosaic disease (CMD). Analysis showed substantial genetic diversity in CMD resistance, with appropriate germplasm available for the genetic improvement of CMD resistance, as well as other traits, particularly yield. The study of genetic diversity in Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda and Ghana revealed a broad and unique diversity of local land races that can serve as the basis for a breeding program.

The above results have been placed on the The Cassava Molecular Diversity Network (MOLCAS) Web Site and are available to the Cassava Community.

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Cassava Germplasm

More than 10 years ago, the Biotechnology Research Unit, together with the Genetic Resources Unit, set goals to develop methods of cryopreservation that would lead to safer, cheaper, and long-term conservation of genetic resources. Methods to cryopreserve cassava germplasm were developed 4 years ago, using classic protocols (chemical dehydration and programmed freezing). Escobar, R.H.; Mafla, G.; Roca, W.M. 1997. A methodology for recovering cassava plants from shoot tips maintained in liquid nitrogen. Plant Cell Reports
16: 474 - 478. New protocols-encapsulation dehydration and quick-freezing-have now been developed and validated with more than 43% of the entire cassava core collection. More than 82% of the accessions tested have recovery rates of more than 30%, the minimum required for cryopreservation. Protocols are now being adjusted for wild relatives of cassava, species of which sometimes behave very poorly in vitro or even in the field, making their conservation troublesome. Plants have been recovered for M. esculenta ssp. flabellifolia, M. esculenta ssp. peruviana and M. carthaginensis.

Cryopreservation is also being used to support transformation of cassava. Developing friable embryogenic callus cell lines is time consuming, with the inherent risks of genetic instability and low plant recovery over time. Cryopreserving FEC cell lines is therefore a viable alternative. FEC cell lines of two cassava cultivars (TMS 60444 and M Col 2215) have been frozen and recovered. Because transformation of cassava requires the development of FEC for each specific cultivar, we expect to build up a cryopreservation bank of FEC cell lines of various cassava cultivars.

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Croquette Cassava

400 gr singkong, serut kasar
100 gr singkong, parut halus
100 daging ayam cincang
50 gr tepung terigu
1 btr telur
1 btg daun bawang, iris halus
minyak goreng

2 siung bawang putih
3 bh bawang merah
3 bh cabai rawit
2 cm lengkuas
1/2 sdt garam
1/4 sdt lada bubuk

Cara Membuat:

  • Campur jadi satu singkong parut, singkong serut, daging ayam cincang, tepung terigu, telur, daun bawang, bumbu halus. Aduk hingga rata.
  • Panaskan minyak goreng. Bentuk adonan menjadi bulatan-bulatan sebesar bakso. Goreng hingga kecokelatan. Angkat, tiriskan.

Untuk 20

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Cassava and milk squeezed from coconut for "TAKJIL"

500 gr singkong, kupas, cuci potong 2 x 2 x 2 cm
500 ml air
½ sdt garam
3 lembar daun pandan
50 gr gula pasir
250 ml santan dari 1 butir kelapa
100 gr nangka potong kotak-kotak

100 ml santan
½ sdt garam
1 sdm gula pasir
1 sdm tepung maizena, cairkan dengan sedikit santan

Cara membuat:

  • Rebus singkong, air, garam dan daun pandan, di atas api kecil, sampai singkong matang dan air habis. Jaga singkong jangan sampai hancur. Jika singkong belum empuk tambahkan air lagi masak hingga air habis.
  • Tambahkan gula pasir dan santan, aduk perlahan agar singkong tidak hancur hingga mengental. Masukkan potongan nangka, aduk rata, angkat, sisihkan.
  • Campur semua bahan areh, didihkan hingga kental, angkat, sisihkan.
  • Masukkan adonan singkong dalam mangkok, siram dengan areh. Sajikan.

Untuk 6 orang

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