Tapioca Glucose Syrup

Glucose Syrup( Maltose ) is a light-colored and wet liquid which is extracted from tapioca starch by enzymatic hydrolysis method. Syrup is a mix of glucose, maltose, oligo, and polysaccharides, available from any toxic or poisonous content.

Tapioca Glucose Syrup ( Maltose ) is widely used in both nutrient and non nutrient industries. In the nutrient industry, the fundamental products processed from tapioca maltose are infant foods, bakery products ( biscuits, rolls, doughnuts, pies, dough, crackers, fillings, icings, macaroons, pretzels, cookies), beverages brewed (beer, ale), carbonated and yet, breakfast nutrient, caramel coloration, cheese foods, and spreads, chewing gum and chocolate products, condensed milk and confectionery, etc.

Tay Ninh Glucose Syrup ( Maltose) is marketed under the score of “ Cassava” which represents the side selected character nutrient class manufactured in Vietnam. the general stipulation of this merchandise is indicated on a nominal basic ground as follows :

  • Dextrose equivalent (DE) : 25 - 45 % (The specification shall be detailed up to the requirements.)
  • PH : 4.5 – 6.0
  • Brix : 70 – 85 %
  • Sulphur Dioxide : 20ppm max

The production is normally packed for domestic in the standard net 25 kg plastic can and 280 kg HPPE drum.

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