Cassava Crackers

Pellet Snacks Our Indonesian pellet snacks are made in a typical and traditional manner. We offer 2 types: extruded snacks and sheeted snacks. Both use Tapioca and/or fresh Cassava as main base ingredient.

Cassava, also known as yuca or maniok, is a root that grows in tropical regions of the world. Tapioca is the starch that is made from Cassava.
Extruded pellets

The (fresh) ingredients are mixed into a dough and then extruded into rods. The rods are cooked by steaming and then aged and hardened by cooling. The rods are then sliced into pellets and dried in hot air ovens. After careful selection and grading they are packed for immediate shipment to Europe.
Prawn Crackers are the main product. Originally used as a side dish with Indonesian or Chinese food, but gradually found their way into the snack markets as well. Fresh prawn meat is used and mixed with the tapioca dough. Prawn Crackers are also known as Krupuk.

Cassava crackers are made with using fresh cassava, resulting in a harder, more brittle texture. They are often mixed with fresh vegetables and spices. The inclusions are still visible in the finished product, giving them a very interesting and natural appeal. Cassava crackers are also known as Singkong.
Sheeted pellets

The ingredients are similar as with Cassava crackers. Instead of extrusion, the dough is sheeted and cut into required shapes. The texture is interesting and typical but even more brittle and hard then extruded Cassava crackers.

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