On the way home I have my wish list that still not yet settled until now, …what is this?...well it's simple thing that really bothering me recently. At the first time I running my cassava chips business I used only simple knife that I buy from the traditional market, from my point of view this knife is already fit to my needs.

But after several weeks I found that this knife not work properly, it's slippery and really weaken in grip, as you know that this knife will no longer persistent. To chop the cassava chip in good shape need really sharpener knife but my local knife no longer helps me in this.

Just lucky me I found a friend he is professional chef and he help me to solve my problem by showing me how to chop the cassava or show me where to find restaurant equipment that suitable with my need. Not only that as a business owner of a restaurant, I need to do everything like professional cookware. Then I found cook knife with all it feature informed by friend of mind.

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