Brand new design for cassava chips

Design Bridge in London has designed the branding for a range of snacks that launched in the UK last month.

The Joseph Banks cassava root chips are aimed at health conscious consumers. They are low in fat, gluten free and cholesterol free.

Design Bridge's packaging was influenced by the ideas, principles and enthusiasm of Joseph Banks, the 18th century naturalist and botanist. These influences are communicated across the brand, from its identity and packaging through to promotional materials and sales collateral.

The 113g packs were manufactured by Maxindo in Indonesia.

Joseph Banks Cassava Chips are the first product launch from the brand, which is owned by Unique Food Group in New Zealand, and are available in four flavours from UK supermarkets.

Here are some recipes that are a light, low carb accompaniment to Joseph Banks chips.

Watercress Dip

25g or 8oz cottage cheese
60ml or 4 tbsp milk
half a small onion, skinned and chopped
1 small garlic clove, skinned and crushed
half a bunch of watercress washed and chopped
salt and ground pepper

  • Beat the cheese with a wooden spoon and gradually add the milk until the mixture is smooth.
  • Stir the onion garlic and watercress into the cheese.
  • Leave for at least 2 hours in the fridge to allow the flavours to infuse. Season and serve with Joseph Banksvegetable chips.

Garlic Dip

l medium onion, skinned and finely chopped.
1 small garlic clove, skinned and crushed.
142ml or 5 fl.oz soured cream.

  • Combine the onion with the crushed garlic and soured cream
  • Serve with Joseph Banks vegetable chips.

Salsa Dip

Ripe tomatoes
l onion
garlic clove

  • Finely chop tomatoes, onion and garlic clove, Combine the ingredients and chill in the fridge.
  • Enjoy with Joseph Banks vegetable chips

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Event tag

Opening a coffee shop is one thing but to increase your returning customer, is another thing I have my own solution actually this is not my first time trying many option to get the great impression and great result. but by chance I have a great solution for this matter.

If a customer has a good experience with my coffee shop it is likely that customer will return. Although every time you change the theme they will keep coming and enjoy it.And do not forget that customer will pick from many restaurant that interest them most, well this should be try nothing to lose.

many of restaurant does not understand that one of the key success to have this business continue is the concept and also remember that always up date your event tag so they will know exactly your up coming event and it will increase your attendants and of course automatically will increase your revenue.

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Naseni Fabricates Cassava Flour Machine

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has fabricated a cassava flour making machine that can start processing from the tuber to flour, the chief executive of the agency has said

Professor Olusegun Adewoye, the Director General of the Agency said the breakthrough will assist Nigeria to meet the cassava flour demand.

He said the machine was fabricated by engineers in the agency after a long research and hardwork.

According to him the agency is ready to partner on transfer of the technologies to private investors who can fabricates more of the machines and assist the local cassava farmers for them to add value to their produce. According to him the mandate of the agency is to facilitate new technology and assist Nigeria to attain technological advancement. On the Advance Technology, Adewoye said NASENI has procured machines to install them at different centres in the country in order to assist small and medium enterprises. He said the world is now using advance manufacturing technology that is why products are well competitive and advance. Saying unless Nigeria is shifted towards that direction our dream of becoming an advance nation will remain unattained.

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Ministry hits back at NCU cassava study

Below is a response by the Ministry
of Agriculture to a recent article on cassava published in The Gleaner of April 13, 2009. In this article, The Gleaner quoted from a study done by a graduate student and his supervisor from the College of Natural and Applied Sciences at the Northern Caribbean University (NCU).

The NCU study involved the collection of 10 samples of cassava from four parishes where the researchers apparently found hydrocyanic acid content (HCN) levels above what is acceptable globally.

The ministry has been very deliberate in its response and has sought to meet with the relevant persons at NCU to discuss the study before publicly responding. Individuals from the Ministry of Agriculture visited the university and met with the dean of natural and applied sciences and his staff. Although we were given an abstract of the research, we were denied access to the full study.

This is unfortunate and disappointing because we would have liked to learn more about the research methodology used and the findings, given that the ministry has tested five byproducts of cassava namely bammy, cassava flour, pancake mix and farina at the Mona Institute of Applied Sciences over the last eight months and found levels of HCN below the limits set by the International Food Standards Organisation.

Concerns about test efficacy

Just to note, the ministry's research staff, in the meeting with the dean, raised concerns about the efficacy of the test that was applied and the determination of the sample size. The use of 'picrate acid paper strips' used in the study is categorised as a 'qualitative', not a 'quantitative', test to determine HCN levels by many food scientists.

In the ministry's opinion, and in the absence of a full copy of the research paper, we have determined that the paper-strip test should have been followed by a laboratory test called 'hydrolysis' which is a true quantitative test as this measures HCN acid level as minute as 5 micro grams, i.e. 1/5000th of a gram.

Given that we were not privy to the full study, there are some important questions that need to be raised.

1. The impact of the small sample size used in this study on the findings.

2. Can the authors eliminate the possibility that the cassava they received was not properly processed?

3. Given the statement, as reported in the newspaper, that the samples consisted of 'undried' cassava flour, do Jamaicans consume 'undried' cassava flour?

Globally, over 500 million people rely on cassava as their main source of calories. These include countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. Research done in Africa has indicated health issues with the long-term consumption of cassava. However, such health issues have been associated primarily with persons who are already malnourished and are especially problematic in areas experiencing severe famine.

Research has also indicated that these health issues are associated with shortcuts taken in processing the product. Proper processing involves drying, soaking in water, rinsing or baking, which effectively reduces the cyanide content in cassava.

Bureau of Standards Registration

It is mandatory for any company that is producing food for human consumption to be registered by the Bureau of Standards Jamaica (BSJ). Registration involves an assessment of the manufacturers' facilities and a microbiological and chemical analysis of the product(s).

If all the requirements of the BSJ are met, the company will be registered. BSJ officers also monitor the company's facilities on a continuous basis and routinely tests products on supermarket shelves to ensure quality and safety.

The ministry always welcomes well-thought-out and executed research. Based on the information we were provided and what was reported in the press, we argue that this research carried out by the NCU team must be considered preliminary at best as it assigns cause and effect without elimination of other possible causal factors.

The ministry awaits the release of the final report which we hope will conform to the usual high standards of the NCU.

Frankly, such a study is not helpful to the advancement of agriculture, especially at a time when we are trying to make the sector a significant industry - one that is market-driven, provides our citizens with healthy, affordable and locally grown alternatives to imported foods.

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My second renovation

Renovation your coffee shop is something that make you headache, seem that this activity was never stop. Although you already put all the enclume pot racks in the safety place still you need to make sure that all the dust will not make it dirty.

Agree that to put enclume pot rack in the place that it belong not an easy decision but still you need to made a wise decision how not to make this thing broken, finally I know the place that will safe although I am still in the middle of renovation.

Enclume potracks is important component in my coffee shop, well it help me much to reorganize my thing, that is why I really try to protect it with careful, also this thing will looks your coffee shop elegance and perfect.

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Cassava Curry cuisine from Padang

If you're not too particular about fried food, this is definitely worth a try. Then again, let's face it, if you're eating Indonesian Padang food, you can't be too health-conscious. Most of the dishes are fried or at least had their spices fried and let's not even talk about the use of coconut milk in many of the dishes.

I love vegetables and so this dish was also a personal favourite of mine. Its essentially Tapioca Leaves stewed in a lightly-spiced Coconut Milk gravy. The cassava leaves were soft from the stewing process but had absorbed the flavours of the spices in the gravy. Its a perfect complement to steamed rice and is a MUST-TRY!

You can search for cassava curry in the Restaurant Padang which is in Indonesia for almost all regions in Indonesia have certainly...LET'S DO IT

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Reopen Cassava factory

Member of Parliament for North East St Elizabeth Kern Spencer has called on the government to reopen the Goshen Cassava processing factory in the constituency.
"If the government is serious about creating jobs and assisting with valued-added production then they need to take a serious look at this factory," said the MP.

He added that the facility, which needs to be retooled, is ideal for the processing of cassava, noting that a number of farmers in the area have already gone into cassava cultivation with an expectation that suitable market will be available when the crop is ready for harvesting.

"The farmers in the communities of Goshen and Pepper have already established a cassava farming group and cultivating the crop so the factory is needed to provide an adequate outlet for them," he told the Observer West.

In the mid to late 1970's, the Goshen Cassava factory produced a wide range of by-products from cassava processing, including flour and bammies.
It is not clear, however, why the plant was closed in the 1980's.

But yesterday, Spencer maintained that the abandoned plant has the potential to create much needed jobs for Goshen and its surroundings.

"There are several remaining farmers that are ready to come on board. The skill needed at the factory still exists in the community," he emphasised.

He argued that the factory could produce for export: bammies, cassava flour, cassava chips, cassava pancake mix and other valued-added products.

"The young people are in desperate need for employment opportunities and this could be one avenue to create the much needed jobs," Spencer emphased.

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Prescription Sunglass

Finally I have a chance to visit this lovely island Lombok is increasing in popularity once again after the recent increase in accommodation in the Gili Islands has caused a lapse in bookings. This is something that I can not refused, I am doing my job I need to compare for my cassava project with local cassava in this island by chance, all the standard hotel are full, and only the luxury accommodation around the Senggigi area now offers the lowest prices in this area of Indonesia in an attempt to remediate tourists to visit this rich tropical holiday location

White sand beaches here flow down the coast line as far as the eye and see with palm shades and the calm lapping waters of endless tropical lagoons of clear water abundant in marine life providing perfect safe swimming and snorkeling as well as a variety of other water borne pursuits. Ups… I never forget to bring my Sunglass although this is a Wide Selection of Eyeglasses but I can enjoy my observation

With well priced luxury accommodation and very few guests it is common to receive excellent service as a result of your choosing to visit this area. For any trip to Lombok this position is ideal with the fantastic dining and shopping at Senggigi, and accessible proximity to many services and attractions and don’t forget to bring your Sunglass.

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