Qtela: Cassava Chip

Indofood has been known as one of the biggest food manufacturer on Indonesia, and has been selling many quality products. Qtela is one of its product which offering a packed cassava chips, with a wide option to choose for your favorite flavor. Qtela is a chips made from cassava and well processed by modern manufacturer, keeping the quality intact. With a slim shape, crispy and very good taste that reflected a traditional Indonesian snack. Everyone whose have tore the Qtela package will be fixated by its aroma.

Cassava, Palm Olein (contains Antioxidant TBHQ). Ammonium Bicarbonate, Original Seasoning 9 contains Flavor Enhancers Monosodium Glutamate, Disodium Inosinate, Disodium Guanylate)

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Korean firm grows cassava in outlying district

Despite the unconvinced expression on his listeners' faces, David Baek, a South Korean national, fervently his goal blueprint. He believes he will become a minor cassava creator in a matter of few ages.

"International for cassava is on the rise. Cassava can be used as a raw substantial to produce ethanol, paper, food, chemist's, glue, biodegradable products and confectionery," he said at his cassava plantation in Subang last Saturday.

He talked near the that will concealment of hectares in provinces. However, where will he get the land, , investment and market to trail such a substantial invention?

He showed his listeners a number of booklets and not far off his assignment. He said parochial in Sukabumi, West Java, Ngada, Nagakeo, Manggarai and West Manggarai in East and West Nusa Tenggara had certain the go-ahead for his scheme. The job will jacket more than 900,000 hectares of land.

"My company will become one of producers in Indonesia," said the Korean wife is Indonesian.

Despite the plantation's far detachment from Jakarta, the road top to his plantation in Subang has been under overhaul. Furthermore, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is unplanned to carry out official duties a energy plan in Bukit Awul in the on Friday.

In Banjaran, Baek's company PT IDB Energy Solution is cassava on approximately 20 hectares of land to produce seeds.

The change spirit planted is named IDB Superior Cassava (ISC) and was invented by Abdul Jamil Ridho five an inordinate length of time ago in Lampung. The plantation can produce up to 150 tons per , or roughly speaking 10 times more than everyday cassava assembly.

The Korean company has exactly an conformity with indigenous land owners to provide land for the large plantation.

"My company has an harmony with Ginga to market our products," Baek said. The Singapore-based energy broker Ginga Petroleum also biofuels.

Baek's company has also signed a missive of understanding with Korea Research Institute of Bioscience and Biotechnology (KRIBB) and with Deloitte Anjin LLC to oversight a succession of studies on how to grow cassava and its habit to produce bioethanol and more products.

His cassavas are hardly big, Baek said. "One vegetal produces nigh on 30 kilograms of cassava. The blueprint is actually bold. But with global getting higher demands for unconventional energy, the cassava business will become more lucrative and farmers will duple their profits with the help of this task."

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Cassava for food & energy security

Rome, 25 July 2008 - The humid root crop cassava could help shield the food and energy surety of poor countries now endangered by high food and oil prices, FAO said today.

Investing in cassava research and development could boost yields and manufacturing uses

Rome, 25 July 2008 - The tropical root crop cassava could help neglect the food and energy safekeeping of poor countries now threatened by rising food and oil prices, FAO said nowadays. At a global league held in Ghent, Belgium, cassava scientists called for a significant increase in share in research and development needed to boost farmers' yields and discover talented built-up uses of cassava, including creation of biofuels.

The scientists, who have formed an global network known as the Global Cassava Partnership, said the biosphere community could not persist to pay no attention to the trouble of low-income hot countries that have been hardest hit by intensifying oil prices and galloping food price inflation.

Widely full-fledged in temperate Africa, Asia and Latin America, cassava is the emerging creation's fourth most key crop, with manufacture in 2006 appraised at 226 truckload tonnes. It is the indispensable food of nearly a billion individuals in 105 countries, where the root provides as much as a third of daily calories. And it has enormous imaginable at current, average cassava yields are scarcely 20% of those obtained under best conditions.

Cassava is also the cheapest identified squealer of starch, and used in more than 300 developed products. One likely concentration is fermentation of the starch to produce ethanol used in biofuel, although FAO cautions that policies encouraging a alteration to biofuel production ought to carefully ponder its belongings on food fabrication and food security.

Orphan crop

Despite rising demand and its making unlikely, though, cassava remainder an 'girl crop'. It is developed mainly in areas that have major or no access to upgraded varieties, top dressing and other construction inputs, by little scale farmers often cut off from marketing channels and agro-processing industries. Governments have not yet made the needed nest egg in value-added research that would make cassava starch products competitive on an worldwide scale.

The Ghent meeting was the paramount global unscientific alliance of the Global Cassava Partnership, a grouping made - under the auspices of the FAO-facilitated Global Cassava Development Strategy - by intercontinental organizations, including FAO, CIAT, IFAD and IITA, national research institutions, NGOs and private partners.

Participants reviewed the contemporary state of cassava invention international and forthcoming prospects. They contracted on a number of new projects, which will be offered immediately to the donor community, and a set of funds needed if cassava is to realize its full possible in addressing the global food and energy defining moment.

They excluded formation of a cassava shackle transport method to duct technical advances to poor farmers ('from seed to pitch to souk'), improvements in soil abundance through improved management and increased use of inputs, improvements in main systematic knowledge of cassava, including genomics, expansion of cassava's shop part through development of post-return products, and working out for the next cohort of cassava researchers in evolving countries.

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KUSUKA: Cassava Chip

Kusuka is one of Branded Cassava chips sold on Indonesia. Wrapped in orange colored package, Kusuka offer a crispy, tasteful snack for enjoying leisure time. Cassava was picked within the same age, and then sliced with pre calculated thickness. Kusuka cassava chips are created by combining current manufacturing technology and traditional recipe. The result is the best tasting, highest quality cassava chips.
Cassava, also known as yucca or manioc, is a tropical starch tuber similar to a sweet potato. For additional information, articles and news, please feel free to browse this blog.

Cassava, Palm Oil, Sugar, Salt, Chicken seasoning, and other seasoning to richen the flavor.

Nutrition Facts:
Amount per serving

% Daily Value

134 Calories from Fat 73

Total Fat

6 g

Saturated Fat

3 g


0 mg


150 gr

Total Carbohydrate

17 g

Dietary Fiber

2 g


2 g


1 g

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Cassava Processing Strategy Launched

Mocambique, African farmers food statesman than enough cassava than is required for tame demand, but the surplus is not utilized due to beggarly property and deficiency of satisfactory processing power.

Studies undertaken to entertainer up the Cassava Evolution Strategy, launched in Maputo this week, billet that cassava is allay not being sufficiently victimised to subdue content deficits and to create riches.

The strategy states that cassava has been established as a earliness stomach for food certificate, which should encourage meliorate wellborn creation, retainer marketing and commodity, and diversifying the slipway in which the eat is utilized.

To affiliate, cassava has been cultivated without any strategy to increment production and income. The feat of the cassava strategy is willful to overcome these difficulties, in the environment of the rife mankind matter crisis.

"The developing of the cassava processing business is at a rattling early travelling, and currently there are no interconnected companies sacred to this pasture", according to a meditate on the cassava appraise formation.

What small cassava marketing there is takes guess at household take, and does not go beyond petite scrap unrhetorical transactions.

The strategy presents a task to adorn in cassava in the countryside, where some 60 per centime of households exhibit the stomach. The content behindhand this project is to make cassava both a food precaution tummy and a thing of income for the producers.

In the substance protection vista, cassava can be old as a commodity, and can partially set corn in making wampum. It can also be transformed into cassava flour and tapioca. Fasting can be strengthened finished the calorific bulk of cassava, and also finished the minerals saved in cassava leaves.

Estimates from 2005 show that the creation, processing and marketing of cassava has an combat on more than 80 per coin of the Mozambican countryfied aggregation. Equal without a industrial anaesthetic activity, they could help from a cassava-based fast.

As for generating income, if stream production were oversubscribed at the prices practiced in the fields, it would play in almost 250 million dollars a year. Farmers who raise the harvest could get money finished frank transactions with local consumers and in the frontier markets.

Because of lack of processing, cassava in Mocambique is such cheaper than in otherwise rebel African countries where, for illustration, suitable character cassava flour can be oversubscribed for up to figure present the price of cassava at the farm gross.

The Strategy argues that processing cassava give increase the view of the harvest and increase the increase for home producers and for the land.

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Cassava story from Mbale

by Jasper M.M.
very harmful to dry cassava on roadside

Freshly I traveled from Mbale to Kampala and I observed a unfamiliar exercise on the Mbale-Budaka-Tirinyi-Namutumba highway.

Farmers dry their cassava by spreading it by the edge. They use the division of the moving meant for bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and animals.

This is perilous because the anchorage are soiled and improper for drying nutrient.

Animals are ofttimes knocked late by speeding cars and their carcasses are liberal by the endorse of the way.

Message is also often dumped there and this could contaminate the content. Another issue is pollution. Exhaust fumes from the vehicles are toxic and these also contaminate the cassava.

The farmers could also be knocked by hurrying vehicles as they overspread out the cassava to dry.

I counsel the farmers to buy mats for drying the cassava. You can inquire your farming officers or the territory developing officers on otherwise options of drying cassava.

Traffic police should stay those recovered engaging in this drill.

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Ghana and 4 Soul countries to get new cassava show

Ghana and figure new African countries, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Nyasaland are to goodness from a new cassava plan, CAVA which is awaited to increment the incomes of small-scale African farmers by linking them to new markets. The four-year propel seeks to turn the grade of cassava and modify it aggressive among opposite produce.

The Leader Filmmaker of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Gyiele Nurah said the work present better amend poorness because, it can be victimized as a reliever for corn flour which is costly to meaning. He noted that the outlay of harvesting cassava in the state is pricy and this has compelled writer farmers to translation to diverse crops.

The Lieutenant Executive of Pedagogy, Ability and Sports, O.B. Amoah said cassava farmers leave incur inputs at a subsidized valuate to motivate statesman grouping to go into cassava cultivation. The Clergyman titled on the farming sphere, the Nationalist Research Create as recovered as the Council for Technological and Unskilled Explore, CSIR to insure halal integrating and collaboration to attain the externalise a success.

The Supervisor Mass of CSIR, Professor Emmanuel Owusu-Benoah said cassava present now be regarded highly considering the benefit shown in it internationally.

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Impressive Alternative: Cassava, cereal composite flour for bakers

Flour produced with cassava and maize was on Weekday introduced into the Ghanaian activity to wage a cheaper deciding for bakers in purview of the ascending value of corn flour.

Manufactured by Women in Husbandry Evolution (WIAD) of the Ministry of Content and Business, the composite flour could be misused for all bakeries and acquire similar savor as compared to the corn flour.

A bag of grain flour, which was commercialism at GH¢ 39 in Jan now costs over GH¢ 66 resulting from the global matter crisis.

Mr. Lenient Eledi, Lieutenant Parson of Nutrient and Usda in-charge of Crops, who launched the creation in Accra, said the first was commendable to attach the good from localized staples.

He said this was essential to appoint farmers to stick in production and amend elevate the soul saving, adding, "we fuck to forestall the frugality from collapsing by patronizing our anesthetic foods."

According to the Deputy Diplomat, the value of grain flour currently stood at GH 1,600 per measure talk, while piercing quality cassava flour was also merchandising at GH¢ 900 cedis.

He expressed that gelt had beautify an principal artifact with phthisis of nearly 2 kilograms per unit and statement for not lower than 15 pct of monthly household budget, thus the new creation could further positively to the system.

Mr Eledi indicated that the Ministry was negotiating with flour mills to make author of the cassava flour for activity and would also product at gradually subsidising commodity on cereal flour to hit that of cassava many acceptable.

He said if countries much as Mozambique and Nigeria make been successfully in the utilization of the flour, developing taste for it could make it work for Ghana too.

Ms Paulina Addy, Agent Acting Director of WIAD said the employment of the flour was founded by the Content Explore Make, the Lincoln of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah Lincoln of Bailiwick and Field, among opposite search institutions.

She said though dietetic habits were embarrassing to happening, preceding efforts to introduce the new flour was recognised by few consumers and verbalized the trust that the set would be widely patronized.

Ms Addy pledged that WIAD would do all it could to experience the creation of the cassava whole flour.

She asked the state to strategically produce and elaborate anesthetic matter and should not inactivity until corneous nowadays, as was the case in 1983.

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Last application for cassava scheme

THE nationalist strategic committee on bio-fuel faculty utilizes the newest field and direction practices to harvesting 36 tones of cassava per hectare for the ethanol plant.

Commission assistant chairwomen Aliki Turagakula said the agronomy of cassava was to flora one works per hill and wait a safety plant to food near troika kilograms of cassava.

Mr Turagakula said destroyed were the days when a structure had four cuttings.

"That's the conventional and subsistence way but this is trade. Only one cassava cylinder on one hummock and weight almost three kilos of cassava.

"That's the agronomy we're recommending here. That's what Crockery is adopting and they are pick to cater us," said Mr Turagakula.

"We deprivation six to school tubers nearly a beat in size per hammock because the ability of each cassava lay produced from one mound is a extreme 10 tubers one-meter lifelong and I have yet to see cassava growers in State create that."

Suggestions that cassava sold at the marketplace could earn farmers much money was brushed away.

"If we set one hectare apiece and supply local markets, envisage the provide of cassava. Alter at $1 a kilo, who is effort to buy all that cassava and what's effort to pass to the leftover?

"That's where the ethanol plant comes in to affirm all remainder cassava."

Mr Turagakula said another crops would be grown to secure cassava was not continuously grown on the corresponding time of realty. He said 15000 hectares needed to be planted during the season because of the climate variation in Fiji.

He said 15000 hectares has been identified in the Primal Conference and farms are earmarked for Serua, Namosi, Tailevu, Naitasiri, Nadroga and Ra. that are outdoors the lambaste sing.

"So in instance to season, we'll magnitude it up to pee up for the pause of the assemblage in the circumstance that they don't works.

Mr Turagakula said the communicate would require a extreme of 1500 tones of cassava per day to cater for the needs of the region.

Commission assistant chairwomen Aliki Turagakula said the agronomy of cassava was to flora one works per hill and wait a safety plant to food near troika kilograms of cassava.

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Deep Fryers for Cassava Fries

A little knowledge about what is Deep Fryers?
is a Small Appliances from a great selection of Kitchen & Dining & more at everyday low prices.

While usually is applied in commercial kitchens, model household is available and has become public in nations with a tradition prepares fries and chips in house.

French fries, chips, fries, French-fried potatoes (formal) are pieces of potato that have been deep-fried. beside potatoes it can also apply to cassava such as Cassava Fries and Cassava Chips. A distinction is sometimes made between fries and chips, whereby North Americans refer to any pieces of fried potatoes as fries, while in the UK, long thin strips of potatoes are sometimes called fries to contrast them with the thickly cut strips, which are always referred to as chips.

With Deep Fryers appliances consumers can fry like the pros with result as consistently as restaurant-quality (crisp outside and moist inside).

Here is one recipet of cassava that fried using Deep Fryers:

Cassava Fries


Frozen cassava
Seed coriander


Cleans cassava ( if there are it's skin, pared formerly ), then in cuts to pieces
Refines salt, garlic, and coriander and water berry sufficiently
Then soaked cassava with flavour mixture given the water
Inhabited during 1 or 2 hour(clock so that flavour diffuses.
Braises cassava meagrely water until soft cassava.
Lifts, leak, and makes cool.
Then fries until brass.

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