Igbo-ora, Twins People Country

Believed Bears Is twins because Accustomed Eats Leaf Okro

Igbo-Ora, a sleepy farming community in southwest Nigeria, welcomes visitors with a sign proclaiming "The Land of Twins."

Home Nations of Twins. The sentence is written in monument of admission Igbo-Ora. Unique from small town in that Nigeria southwest, its(the resident a lot of twins. From generation to generation, twins birth likely becomes tradition.

"In this very hard town finds family without twins children. My father have ten twins child tides, while I am having three. But, only one tides staying, namely men and woman," says Olayide Akinyemi, 71, elite figure Igbo-Ora having 12 Childs. Most of public who live in small town is ethnic group Yoruba, majority tribe in Nigeria.

Height of twins baby birth rate in that town surprises many circles. Including the fertility experts. How not, identical twins baby birth rate in the town enough stable. That is, 0,5 percentage of world birth rate. The number based on a research done by scientist Belgia, Fernand Leroy, at 1995. According to result of the research, twins birth can happened in five % among all birth Yoruba. As comparator, 1,2 % the same case happened in West Europe, while 0,8 % in Japan.

"We of course many eating leaf okro or soup ilasa. We also consumes agida. This influences twins birth," said Akinyemi.

Some experts tells that that thing is influenced [by] consumption yam. Akinyemi also in agreement with the theory yam. Yam contains natural phytoestrogen hormone of which can stimulate two sides ovary to produce egg cell. Agida and corm yam many containing estrogen.

Besides, there [are] also many other opinion about existence of the twins birth phenomenon. Akin Odukogbe, a gynecology consultant in University Teaching Hospital ( UTH) Ibadan, tells that cause that is actually from the symptom medically has not been found.

"But, many mans who is hooking, correlating with additional food," he/she said, refers to research that woman consuming yam can produce more egg cells.

Muyibi Yomi, nurse principal in local hospital, tells that any base on genetics factor. " If a family had twins birth history, that will continue from generation to generation," he said. The woman tells that at least there are five twins baby tides from every 100 births in a month.

For public Yoruba, birth of twins baby also has other meaning. They be born twins, says Akinyemi, considered to be special award from Sang Pencipta. They also is believed brings luck.

"Twins babes usually is treated amorously darling, love, and respect Birth they are a good forerunner," continuation of Akinyemi.

That thing hardly differing from confidence at epoch before colonization. That moment, many publics killing twins babes.

Even, sometime the mothers delivering birth is twins also murdered. According to member, twins birth as ugly forerunner. Because, the mother shall be deemed to have relates to two people man so that can bear two child when at the same. The habit finally stopped by the missionaries of Skotlandia.

Tribe Public Yoruba believes that every twins baby has one men. In consequence, if(when one among twins child died, old fellow will make wood statue so-called ibeji. Believed, ibeji becomes place of cemetery of soul one among that twins child dying.

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