Cultivation of 100000 Ha Cassava

Cultivation super project of cassava in the place of alternative of agriculture in region Cirebon which its(the plan will finish farm with a width of 100000 hectares ( ha) in all Pulau Jawa, including Kab Cirebon, yesterday is started.

Maiden cultivation of that is witnessed [by] investor direct and member of Dewan Perwakilan Daerah ( DPD) Wisdom PRE Natadiningrat. Maiden cultivation of cassava crop which later will be exported to this China done in Desa Gintung Lor, Kec Susukan, Kab Cirebon. In project started in this Kab Cirebon, direct investor gives legal capital to farmer, finite of farmer doesn't release fund.

According To Director Gapoktan Gapura Kencana Ahentanto, which is investor in this project, in this super project there is no one rupiahs also fund released by farmer. The reason is, from production cost, expense of crop, and farmer living cost will be given by investor. In this project, farmer only apply and takes care of crop to can grow carefully, because marketing have been guaranteed with the price of contract Rp350 per kilogram for wet cassava, which in this project consorted investor from PT Sufficiency Plants Persada ( PT S.T.P).

Head Of On Duty Plantation Agriculture and Peternakan Kab Cirebon Ali Effendi tells, this project is progressing to powered of farmer, especially those with dry farming or farm which only can be cultivated paddy once in one year. ” Dry land potential and area of stall in Cirebon reachs 8000 ha, and is following first phase of this program only 5000 ha so that there are still expansion opportunity,” says Ali.

Meanwhile, member of DPD PRA Arif Natadiningrat lays open, very proud him(her with independence of farmer which able to rake in investor from China to finance cassava super project which result of his(its will be exported to China.

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