What is tapioca pudding anyway?

Tapioca is a starch produced by the cassava plant. This starch is formed into small balls called "pearls" that are used in cooking respective foods. Since tapioca is nearly flavorless, it can be combined with many distinct foods and is rather skilled as long as its unusual texture can be accommodated.

Types of Tapioca Tapioca can be purchased as flakes instead of pearls. In addition, the pearls go in respective sizes. Most tapioca pudding recipes appear to ask for the tiny pearls. Since tapioca is a dried nutrient, some recipes ask for it to be soaked before using; others take tapioca in the arid kind. Check your tapioca packet, since it may have recommendations for using that specific brand.

Tapioca Pudding:
Ultimate Comfort Food Tapioca pudding uses the small, starchy tapioca pearls as a thickener. Combined with the milk (and sometimes ointment and eggs) typically used in pudding, tapioca makes a delicious antique sweet. The pearls partially dissolve, but leave tiny bubbles giving tapioca pudding a unique texture, akin to having tiny bubbles surrounded by a creamy medium.

The starch, sugar and fat of tapioca pudding make it a comfort food for many people, although those following low-carb diets probably want to steer clear!

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