Exploiting of Extract Cassava for tooth impression material mixture

In impression material Indonesia alginate many applied circle medical of tooth although still must be imported from outside country. Since economics crisis the year 1998 the price of increasing alginate impression material until four times at that moment.
This situation resulted in efforts to modify the commercial alginate as had been conducted by a dentist in South Sumatera province in Indonesia.

He who had added cassava starch into the commercial alginate used to make partial denture impression. The aim of this research is to investigate the effect of additional cassava starch into the commercial alginate on its ability to produce reproduction detail using type III gypsum the amont of 120 specimens were divided into 6 group of various additional cassava starch 45–55%.

The specimens then being impressed with detail reproduction tool (ISO No. : 1563/1978) and the result is then analyzed under a stereo microscope. Conclusion: the alginate impression material with cassava starch with ratio up to 47,5% can be used as an impression in 50μm and 75μm in depth line

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