Scrumptious of effort for Cassava Brownies

The cake beneficiaries of course has known better brownies, cake beloved taste chocolate. This food have time to become famous eating of cause there are having immeasurable it's processing model. Starts from brownies oven until steam.

Usually, brownies uses whole-wheat raw material. But when the price of wheat always rising like now, starts there is business is using cassava flour as component of main standard. Form and likely of course in a flash it makes no odds. Some people spells out members, the taste is thin difference, looks like brownies wheat. But, expense of its(the making far more economizes.

One other entrepreneur which has tried profit brownies cassava is Sri Murtiningsih. Since January then, she makes brownies cassava barium. Before all, Sri has done approximant testing during three years before getting formula that is snugly. " Formerly, I tried makes the cake just for exhibition", express owner of Hanah Cake having location in Pancoran Mas, Depok - Indonesia

May be spelled out members, although stripper has not tills brownies from cassava flour, but request of market is really promising. Its proof, Sri often kewalahan fulfills request. " Probably because it's material from cassava, people thus vexed and wish to try likely," express it.

Sri makes brownies in two forms. Firstly, brownies exiguus which she is lego at the price of Rp 1.300,- per cut. Second, brownies in box or box at the price of Rp 17.000,- finite of Rp 68.000,- per box. " Is buying box most middle circle upward," express it.

Every day, Sri can sell brownies cassava to a number of shops in area Depok and Jakarta. Something is sold with deposit system through via resaler or booth. " I am ordinary entrusted goods to booths and co-operation of student UI," it's flux. Type brownies which she entrusts usually is going to bits.

Besides, Sri also serves order. Comes it is of course overhang. Might possibly, very crowded certain months. But, sometime, full one months no admission order.

Wish to build brand

Sri actually non new player in cake business. Since 1993, she has struggled in this business. Initially, she only having capital Rp 25.000,- to make cake, brownies and cookies. " First time that, I sell x'self to station Depok," it's memory.

Hereinafter, effort for Sri always grows, although have ever fallen similar also. " Sometime small sale turnover, often also result of his(its is big fair to middling. But, nearing increase of fuel (BBM) yesterday, turnover went down again," express it beside evading mentions nominal of the existing business turnover.

In a month, Sri says can make 500 type cakes brownies, cake, and cookies. Still be added order with average of one to three orders per month. " If order cannot be average of the numbers," sharpness. From this business, each month, Sri net profit poke can more than 2 million rupiah.

If brownies had applied cassava flour, to make Cake and Cookies, Sri still using wheat as component of standard. " Slow, I would continuously test that can be changed with cassava flour altogether," express this berjilbab woman.

For Sri, step of using this cassava flour raw material inter alia to depress production fare that is increasingly expensive. " Cassava flour in marketing Rp 5.000,- per kilogram, while wheat is minimizing Rp 8.000,- per kilogram," sharpness.

Sri sees opportunity with tilling serious of brownies from this cassava. But is the existing, she still wish to setle formula at the same time introduces widely this product to public. " I am promotion by following bazaar, exhibition and propagates brochure. Hopefully that can increase order," express Sri.

Sri spells out members, wish to build brand as pioner cassava flour barium cake maker. He is sure, this business still bright of cause has not many competitors. Darling, Sri still be collided with capital.

Sri spells out members, as small industry perpetrator, s(he must be bright interrogates situation. He hopes there is care party side lifts business that is this prospective enough. " Hopefully care government. Thankss something will inculcate invesment by becoming father to lift this business," hopes it.

If we like to knew likely cassava Brownis in here :
Hanah Cake
Jl Citayam Raya, Gg. Bhakti RT 002 RW 02, No. 57 Pancoran Mas, Depok, Jawa Barat
Telepon (021) 30522110

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