Dishes made from Crab and Cassava

Seafood is the best food resources for human; they contain rich nutrition like protein and mineral for human daily need. Seafood is not only has beneficial for human but they are stomach-friendly too. Crab is one of them, an amphibian, hard shell animal that widely consummated over the world. There are many countries has delicious cuisine that using crabs as ingredient, Italian, American and especially Asian country have been using crab for over thousand years. Crab has different kinds (species) depend on their habitat. Arrow crab, Blue crab, Calappa crab, Chinese mitten crab, Alaskan king crab, Emerald crab and still many more you can find.

The fact is Alaskan king crab is the most sought crab over the world, made me curious about it. My father told me so, my friend; my friend’s friend told me so. I search the Internet and found out that they were telling the truth. The size is enormous, and so are the legs. When I have the chance to visit some Seafood restaurant, I was ordering the Alaskan king crab right away. I am not telling you how it taste, because the words in dictionary doesn’t seem fit perfectly for the sensation I felt. It has a rich meat contain within the legs, crack it and the meat just pop up and waiting you to eat. This crab is not easy to find, on most countries they are very rare. Even they are findable they are sure cost you more. You can find some the Alaskan king crabs by shopping online on the net, but be a picky when choosing a vendor. Try, they are guaranteed the stuff they sold is the best you can find.

If cooking is one of your hobbies, maybe you can try to make some dish from crab. Try to mix some unique ingredients or some in your mind to richen your dish. Some recipe even mixed it with cassava, like

  • Cassava Cream with Crab, a Soup
  • Curried Cassava and Crab pastels
  • Bake or Fry Crab n Cassava
  • Crab, coconut and mint dip with cassava crackers
  • Cassava Cream With Crab, a Soup

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11:42 AM

i havent tried alaska crabs before eventhough my frens kept mentioning that it is the best.. its very expensive over here.hope one day i will be able to afford .. haha..must do more posts..