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Cassava Challenge winners

Several participated in the The Gleaner's Cassava Challenge contest and on Monday the five brought entries to our North Street command center for the . Lorna Gooden, director, social advantage/home economics unit of the Rural Agricultural Development Agency (RADA), Evrol 'Blackie' Christian proprietor of Little Ochi Seafood Restaurant and Barbara Ellington of The Gleaner were the judges.

Rosetta Falconer's ingress was delightful dessert; Ona Gordon entered cassava liveliness; Sharon Edwards a lovable chicken casserole; Shalorna Williams submitted her fragrant cassava unpleasant corn lolly and Pauline Thomas cassava fritters.

Mrs Gooden told the grouping that there is a disagreement between sweet and considerate . The virulent kind is used for making because it has more thickener and a more sticky smoothness. Many people have hesitation, but the easy on the ear category is used to make a number of one-pot meals. When bammy, have to be assiduous not to set a limit other ingredients to overdraw it.

Comments on entries

The melodious cassava cheap cornbread had too much and fell down in its presentation. First-status champ, the pudding was very good in discrimination, presentation and quality, very humid and showed inspiration in the accompaniments also made from cassava.

The were far too oily and too much wheat cover was used with the cassava dredge. It could have done superior with a compulsory agent such as eggs. The spot winner, deep dish is an first-rate one-pot meal, easy to arrange and tasty but its presentation was poor. Placing second , the blow is a very unimaginative idea which the contestant makes at home on Sundays but the proportions have to be consistent and care must be booked to disconnect ginger sediments before helping.

The three winners will accept 100 bounty trees from the Ministry of Agriculture, gift packages from RADA, as well as packages from The Gleaner, Wray and Nephew Limited, Blackwell Gold Rum, Ocean Spray and more.

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