Small and nice cafe

I Have an opportunity helping my friend open his new cafe, small cafe nice place to hang around, the location it self close with central district area, which has many different customer, first I started to arranged the lobby which has a small sofa in it place at the corner I just put there wine pot racks - enclume pot racks and it’s consist 12 botle of wine

Since he asked me to arranged with the home atmosphere, then I have an idea to put also free standing tier cookware stand – enclume pot rack – and it’s consist 5 cook ware just to give warm ambiance , and the result is when we entering this room the atmosphere like almost a warm living room

Well the cafĂ© also open for lunch time and still one room that need to touch up and he suggest to put an enclume bakers cart – enclume potrack to give a small decoration an we can put several bread and honey surrounding, well it seems the decoration thing not so difficult when we talked about small cafe, I hope you love it to join and become my loyal customer

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