Farmers Use Cassava Plants As Compost

High prices of subsidized fertilizer to farmers in District North Raman - East Lampung more creative by using stem and leaves of cassava as the raw material compost making.

"We made compost to reduce dependence on subsidized organic fertilizers, whose prices continue to rise," said a resident, Harminto (30), in the Village Rejobinangun, District North Raman - East Lampung

According to him, in the processing of cassava plants as compost fertilizer, farmers in his village to buy the machine count in groups comprising 20 people, which are used interchangeably.

"The instrument we use is the engine of diesel-powered counter, which purchased for around five million rupiah," he said.

He added, in a cassava processing into compost is not difficult, let alone every farmer in the village which has many cassava plants.

Cassava plants consisting of stems and leaves are fed into the machine count.

Then, he continued, cassava plants that have been destroyed, dried and stored for three days, so that evaporation and fertilizer have not clot.

"Crops have been destroyed cassava accommodated, and was ready to become manure compost," he said.

He added, was in the use of compost in agriculture is still added to other nutrients such as LA and KCL, but not much that can cut costs by 50 percent.

"Although the plant could be fertile with compost, but needs to be added to the ZA and KCL, and even do not need more substance urea," he said.

According to a responsible citizen regulate the use of the machine count, Abdul (42), with the machine count plants, residents can save fertilizer costs and could utilize the availability of cassava plants in the village quite abundant.

He said farmers in his village to use compost for fertilizing plants like corn, soybeans, peanuts, green beans, and other plant species.

"Even can be used for fertilization of rice, because it is fertile ground," he explained.

He also advocated for in other areas could be developed making compost with the cassava plant-based, especially in central area of cassava plants, and also can use other ingredients such as hump corn, sweet potato leaves, plant beans, etc.

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