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Role in boosting cassava

The Minister of Internal Security, Sheikh Mussa Fazil Harerimana, has hailed convicts serving their sentences under TIG, for their role in boosting cassava production in Mayange sector, Bugesera district.

The Minister made the comments last week while inspecting 600 hectares of cassava plantations planted by the convicts.

Addressing local leaders and TIG officials at Mayange, Harerimana reiterated the importance of involving inmates in agriculture production.

"I thank all of you who have helped in these activities what is seen here speaks volumes," he said.

"Cassava is very important for the district as studies have shown it will check hunger. TIG at the same time has helped the people serving their sentences to acquire life skills."

He added that evidence on the ground shows that TIG has had tremendous impact on economic growth.

In order to improve production, the Minister promised to avail Bugesera residents with a hybrid type of cassava and a processing mill.Harerimana, who later briefed reporters, stressed that TIG has been instrumental in rehabilitating inmates.

On the alleged corruption among some TIG officials, he requested the public to act as a whistle blower.

Alphonse Mpazimaka, the area TIG official said that apart from agricultural activities, the convicts are also engaged in brick making.

He, however, noted that there were cases of convicts who escape before completing their sentences

"TIG has increased production in many fields especially agriculture, which is the main activity in this area. The only problem we have is that a few of them escape," he said.

In Bugesera district alone, there are 1295 convicts serving under TIG.

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