Small Cave in village

It’s been long time I never visit my friend café he has a small nice café in Trawas, small village surrounding by high mountain and fresh air that we can breath, many of his customer that enjoy their lunch are in all aged, although it is not so crowded, the situation very nice, Their original recipe will bring more guest especially in holiday and week end I am just wondering how come the small cafe can attract many customer, when I look restaurant equipment then I realize why this café is success.

Do not forget that professional cookware is the answer of this question it can be an image to the customer, who want to have their limited time can enjoy a nice food and a good atmosphere with a good ambience also, then the customer will enjoy their lunch, dinner even breakfast with small menu.

Also restaurant supply is key success for all the restaurant business combination of all the above will directly bring you more profit and will bring more guests to visit this café. I really believe that all the above matter is something that all the restaurant businessman need to considering.

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