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Ada Singkong Raksasa Seberat 100 Kg

Cassava belongs Tumarjo Gatot Kaca (65), Kebasen Village, District Kebasen, Banyumas, Central Java, really big.

One bunches weighing approximately 100 kilograms of cassava is different from the others. When compared with ordinary cassava, it will show if cassava Gatot Kaca this magnitude is more than 50-fold.

The length of cassava can also be reached one meter in size circle cassava reached fifty centimeters. Because of the large, even cassava can also be to sit a kid.

Cassava is obtained Tumarjo giant from his garden not far from his home. In the garden, Tumarjo currently approximately 20 trees to plant cassava Gatot Kaca.

According Tumarjo, cassava is an experimental combination of two types of cassava cuttings of cassava and cassava ordinary rubber. But he did not expect if the results of its cassava cuttings will be very big.

In fact he claimed to have harvested cassava weighing 150 kilograms with the planting period of one year.

"I have a few months ago even had time to harvest by weight reaches a half-quintal. Cassava cuttings is itself the result of my experiment, "said Tumarjo, cassava plantation owner.

cassava can be eaten in general. In fact, some neighboring villagers who eat cassava is admitted if it feels more comfortable and soft from cassava is usually

Head of Department of Agriculture Banyumas Wikanto Joko said, cassava is a big fast because the soil is fairly fertile planted location. Also, because cassava is not too deep in the soil, so the sun easily entered. As a result, cassava is easy to be great than usual.

"The land is fertile and sun that easily fit into the soil to be one factor is the amount of cassava," said Joko Wikanto.

Tumarjo pleaded not going to sell this giant cassava. But for local people who want to enjoy the cassava is welcome to direct Tumarjo fry in a stall in the village of Kebasen, Banyumas

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