New cassava pest seems for first time in Viet Nam

The cassava pink mealybug, an invasive pest species that can kill cassava vegetation by consuming the sap, has appeared for the primary time in Viet Nam within the south-japanese province of Tay Ninh, one of the nation's leading producers of the tuberous root.

The insect, which has appeared in lots of nations including in Southeast Asia, can spread quickly to other locations via the transport of contaminated cassava stem cuttings for planting, and can also be carried by wind, water, animals, human beings, instruments, and vehicles.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development on Tuesday instructed Tay Ninh and the Plant Protection Department to hold out prevention and control measures towards the pest.

The measures embody a survey of affected areas by local authorities, studies to the provincial administration and the division, and destruction of all contaminated crops beneath the latter's supervision.

No a part of cassava crops - stems, leaves, roots - from infected areas might be transported from the province to other places.

Tay Ninh authorities will provide monetary help to farmers whose crops have to be destroyed.

The division will present coaching to native plant protection officers and farmers in ways on stop the pest, including guidance on the kinds of pesticides for use to destroy it.

It has additionally been tasked with bolstering plant quarantine inspections to forestall the entry of the pest into the country via borders and its unfold from contaminated areas.

It can carry out regular inspections and guarantee native authorities perform measures to thrust back attacks by the pest.

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