Edible Alcohol/Ethanol

( Model Number : 95% )
Our edible alcohol is made from cassava. It is colourless transparently without peculiar stinking or impurity. It is volatile liquid, bibulous and flammable with ethanol content above 95 degree v/v. All its physical and chemical indexes are up to National Standard.

We adopt two enzymes method to steam, boil and saccharify continuously, large coordinated pots to ferment uninterruptedly, controlling distillation under different voltage full-automatically. With successive, steady, high grade and high productive manufacturing installation, we can specially make and supply large quantity of qualified alcohol to clients in short time. We also make every effort to explore up and down alcohol products, develop bioengineering, establish a industrial chain of green circulation.

Physical specification
Chrominance: 10 max
Ethyl alcohol /% (volume percentage): 95.0
Sulphuric acid test, size : 60 max
Oxidize time: 20 min
Aldehyde (calculated by acetaldehyde)/mg/L : 30 max
Methanol /mg/L: 150 max
Propyl alcohol /mg/L : 100 max
isobutyl alcohol + isoamyl alcohol /mg/L : 30 max
Acid (calculated by acetic acid)/mg/L : 20 max
Ester(calculated by acetic acid and ethylic ester)/mg/L : 25 max
Not volatile /mg/L : 25 max
Heavy metal (calculated by Pb/mg/L : 1 max
Cyanide (calculated by HCN)1)/mg/L : 5 max

It is mainly used in wine, beverage, cosmetics, perfume essence, dye, paint, dope and pharmacy industries and so on.

Origin China
Minimum order 1000tons

Contact Info
Company Guangxi Pingguo Kaite Biochemical Co., Ltd.
Address No,188,Pingxin Rd,Pingguo, Nanning Guangxizhuangzuzizhiqu 531400 China
Phone 86 - 0776 - 5828548
Fax 86 - 0776 - 5737773
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