Italy cassava project

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the Italian regime have given Zambia 1,081,000 United States dollars for the cassava commercialization plan. National Cassava Commercialization plan Coordinator Alick Daka disclosed this in Samfya when he begun a seven day stakeholder sensitization circuit of the unified output and processing of cassava in the region.

Mr Daka said the two year plan will be carried away in Samfya, Mansa and Serenje districts. He said FAO has contributed USD 331,000 while the Italian regime has provided USD 750,000 towards the cassava commercialization plan.

He said the USD331,000 given by FAO will be spent on increasing the character of cassava output and value added activities in Samfya, Serenje and Mansa districts. Mr Daka said on the new hand the USD750,000 from the Italian regime will be used to produce marketplace linkages for the harvest for local and international consumers.

He said in improving the character of cassava output, technological backing will be directed at developing price efficient propagation and distribution of improved cassava varieties. “USD 10,000 , about K36 million will be invested in the enlargement of two hectares of cassava cuttings nurseries at Mansa Agriculture Research Institute for propagation of improved cassava varieties,” Mr Daka said.

He said to heighten processing of the cassava, tiny scale processing technologies will be developed, while original products that will permit blending with cassava will too be enhanced. He disclosed that Tiger Feeds had already developed a fund feed that is mixed with cassava and will be buying 1000 tonnes every month from the farmers in the plan region. Mr. Daka added that said a cassava processing plant is being installed in Mansa to be producing Vitamin ‘A’ fortified cassava meal that will be supplied to refugee camps under an United Nations Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) offering.

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