Stop your bad habits

Lately I just thinking to stop smoking, I have been smoking for about 12 years and I fell that this kind of activity will cost a bad health, but who can stop it, althought I have been tryng to stop smoking seems that this is not an easy way to do.

I belive that with a big eager I can just quit smoking, rather then just thinking about it then I decided to stop smoking right away,..I try not smoke for 1 hours and first it was success and again I try another hours and it works, then I feel terrible ,just only after 3 hours..oh God I can not do it.

Already try hard and try to forget, everything that conected to my mind that can pointed to my habits I try to dump far away,but still a good result is away from the reality. Frustated of tryng to stop smoking then I discuss with my friend that already succes with his program to stop smoking, he said it is as simple as you want, as long as you follow the instructur. He said that just visit the instructur website of NLP the instructur is Paul Mc Kenna the greatest mynd training and he is one of the moderator at NLP Training what he suggested is very useful and it works, and very effesien easy to understand.

Well I said in my mynd nothing to lose to give it a try, then I visit NLP and I find that the insctructur was really help full, and I find the the information that I got is really usefull and just only several weeks, I can handle my problem to stop smoking, the bad habits that not so easy to stop,hopefully you will having the same experience, just need to follow carefully all the instruction.

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