Traditional Market

When we talked about traditional market in my country we will imagine that so many people surrounding us, crowded almost difficult to breath. I have an experience when I buy a hand mixer wow it takes 2 hours and it takes my energy. Yes that the situation we accept or not but this is the fact, and we need it.

To fulfill my needs for my business I do often shopping and searching goods to run my shop, for instant like wooden spoon or spatulas for my cassava product and sometimes I could not find easily, struggling from narrow to narrow and facing so many people with the different proposed. Sometime I can enjoy this but sometime I feel boring with this kind of situation, what can I say I need that stuff, so just do it.

By chance I have a closed friend informed to me that he no longer facing the same situation like me, he show me the solution and it really simple and easy to do we only need to used our finger and pick up the goods from their links and I rather called it super mall and I guarantee that you will have more efficient time and less of effort.

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