My second presentation

Bali is true heaven of tourism. At least that existing fact and which I feel as part of Bali society which live and grow in Bali island. There are a lot of beautiful exotic place in this island. One of them is Tanah Lot. As tourism object, Tanah Lot is true famous. It’s called as icon of Bali Tourism, Tanah Lot is so enthused by all tourist, foreign or Domestic tourist.

Tanah Lot is True with fascination. This tourist object integrate consist of sunset moment that very beautiful with spiritual tourism marked by tanah lot temple.
I got the invitation from my client and this is the second time I have a chance to visit Bali presenting my cassava product for biosolar and place that interesting in Tanah lot located in tabanan Regency.

In order to enjoy all of interest places surrounding Tanah lot tourism object, you must come early and do not forget bring your sun glasses, before I forget if you need to buy online for sunglasses product with competitive price, or you might need High-indexed Prescription Eyeglasses On Sale since the UV there is very strong I recommended you to buy one.
In the evening you can enjoy sunset in the west part. Now, it’s time to leave from the beach (Tanah lot) But wait, have your hand bring the souvenir! Don’t worry because of that. In there, available art market that available some of crafts and Bali special food. Well I really enjoying my presentation.

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