Yummy and delicious

Candy, chocolate, sweet food those are kid and adult like to taste especially chocolate. Before become a delicious chocolate, we never realize that delicious chocolate that we consume is from cocoa bean. Cocoa beans are seeds from the pods of cocoa trees, a tropical plant that thrives only in hot, rainy climates, and Indonesia is also country that has many of cocoa bean plantations.

When we talked about candy please always remember Ghirardelli chocolate not only made from chocolate it’s also made from various ingredients, I have my own experiment about the sweet food I made cassava mix with chocolate, first I feel not confidence actually this is traditional food from my village and many people can made it. But the different is I made it and mix with chocolate, we can serve with hot tea and suggested time in afternoon.

My friend always wants to have this chocolate cassava. Its funny first I thought nobody would not like this, and then I realize that this is the yummy food that I ever taste, of course we can not compare it with branded food from Ghirardelli chocolate so many various of chocolate , candy and all the sweet food, you name it just need to visit then you will never forget it.

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