Naseni Fabricates Cassava Flour Machine

The National Agency for Science and Engineering Infrastructure (NASENI) has fabricated a cassava flour making machine that can start processing from the tuber to flour, the chief executive of the agency has said

Professor Olusegun Adewoye, the Director General of the Agency said the breakthrough will assist Nigeria to meet the cassava flour demand.

He said the machine was fabricated by engineers in the agency after a long research and hardwork.

According to him the agency is ready to partner on transfer of the technologies to private investors who can fabricates more of the machines and assist the local cassava farmers for them to add value to their produce. According to him the mandate of the agency is to facilitate new technology and assist Nigeria to attain technological advancement. On the Advance Technology, Adewoye said NASENI has procured machines to install them at different centres in the country in order to assist small and medium enterprises. He said the world is now using advance manufacturing technology that is why products are well competitive and advance. Saying unless Nigeria is shifted towards that direction our dream of becoming an advance nation will remain unattained.

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