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My parent

Like other parents, my mother is 63 years old and she really enjoy her live, she never complaint with her medical, and she really enjoy stay alone in her house, as her son sometime I feel that her safety is everything. She live with our mate and the servant that already 12 years with our big family, she also never complaint and really taking of my mother.

It was last year when my mother servant when home to her village for holiday several days, I feel bad when imagining my mother will be alone and something happen to her and need to quickly action when there is a Medical Alert, because it will happen with all old age. Well sometime we only count on mobile phone to connect or protective our family news, here we facing the same problem like accident that is need Medical Alert or first aid at least.

Please do not panic or made a wrong decision, when we have a medical Alert among our family since nowadays the technology is amazing and develop so quick. my friend also told me that the sensor that attached to this device is real electronic and can detect and no need to push button at all

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