Small but Important

Just wondering how important exit signs inside of building, for sure we never realize that this information is very important. I just attending a convention in five star Hotel in town and for sure we only like and think about the environment surrounding Hotel rather then the safety of that Hotel, because our eyes always look at the big and colorful place, we never try find little detail of that Hotel. Hotel always have this information as a safety standard event they have many of this information, since this is regulation that need to obey.

This is my experience last time when I have a chance to stay and attending a convention in 5 stars Hotel which is have all the facility and best product good ambiance, surrounding hotel will glance your eyes but suddenly my eyes catch a small thing that usually people forget EXIT SIGNS, it seems this information is useless but you will feel that this is important when something happen on that building because only this information will bring you to way out.

You my not believe with what I say, until you facing the situation that need you to find it. Exit Sign is not important if nothing happen but for sure you will say that this signed will help you out of the trouble when you have a bad experience inside the building. Well my tips is simple please find this EXIT SIGNS when you attending concert or convention. Just in case there is an accident like fire or earthquake so this will lead you out from the building. That information I want to share with you since I have been in the situation that everybody is panic and confuse not to mention the place is so crowded and you have only second to take action.

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