Cassava cheese delicious taste...

In the old time, cassava was just a suburban food. It’s not modern. But now, it goes a level up. Urban people are getting familiar with this carbohydrate tuber.

Riyanto (35) manages cassava to become a modern kind of food. He sells cheese cassava on Jl Cawang Baru, East Jakarta.

Riyanto is skilled enough to change cassava to be delicious snacks which can be tasted by all kind of people. He just gives simple combination: fried cassava with cheese and milk. The cassava looks like high-class food. He sells it Rp 6,000 per portion.

Riyanto shared the info; after being fried, the cassava is added with cheese and creamy milk.

Cheese cassava has a unique taste. Cheese gives tasty sensation and milk gives sweet flavor to the fired cassava.

Buyers can choose their own flavor. If they want sweet cassava, they can get fried cassava with only milk topping. They can get tastier sensation if they add milk and cheese. “But if they just want fried cassava with cheese, its okay,” said Riyanto, a man from Sumedang, West Java.

“In addition to delicious taste, cassava contains much carbohydrate. It can be a substitute for basic food and add energy,” he said. His turnover is Rp 300 thousand per day.

He has started the business since three years ago on Jl Cawang Baru, East Jakarta. And he never moves.

His customers often buy his fried cheese cassava in many portions.

For your information, cheese cassava has been spread in Jakarta Capital City since 2005. Usually cheese cassava business is sold in franchise system, there is a profit sharing. There are hundreds of cheese cassava traders in Jakarta Capital City.

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