Fiji loses cassava market in Canada

Fiji’s export of Cassava to the Canadian market is facing tougher competition from other International Exporters.

Industry Canada's Trade and Investment report reveals that Canadian businesses coast to coast are now buying their supply of Cassava from countries such as Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and even China.

This tough competition has cost Fiji its market share in Canada. The Industry Canada report further reveals that in 2008, Costa Rica's total export of Cassava to Canada alone, was valued at FJ $4.3 million dollars.

In the same period Fiji which once used to hold the market share is reported to have only exported cassava valued at FJ $55,686.00.

Ashwant Dwivedi, the Fiji's Embassy's former Business Development Manager to the Fiji Mission in Canada says that this sends a clear message to suppliers in Fiji that cassava is no longer an exclusive cashable product that Fiji can be proud of and that there is tougher competition out there that Fiji will have to compete with to survive and thrive in the international market.

In 2006 Cassava exports from Fiji were recorded at FJ $49,000 while in 2007 cassava exports from Fiji showed positive result of increase with sales recorded at FJ $77,000.

However the sales again plunged in 2008 at FJ $56,000.

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