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Tropical Root and Tuber Crops : Cassava (Tapioca), Sweet Potato, Aroids, Yams, Yam bean, Coleus/R.C. Mandal.
Jodhpur, Agrobios, 2006, xxiv, 360 p., tables, $44. ISBN 81-7754-199-4.

Contents: Cassava (Manihot Spp.): 1. Cassava (Manihot Spp.). 2. Origin and geographical distribution (Manihot Spp.). 3. Cassava: Botany. 4. Cassava: Cytogenetics. 5. Cassava: Improvement strategy. 6. Cassava: Physiology. 7. Cassava: Microbial system. 8. Cassava: climate and soil. 9. Cassava: Agro-techniques. 10. Cassava: Water management. 11. Cassava: Based cropping system. 12. Cassava: Harvesting and yield. 13. Cassava: Area, production and productivity. 14. Cassava: Diseases. 15. Cassava: Pests. 16. Cassava: Composition of tuber and leaf. 17. Cassava: Toxic principles - cyanogenic glucoside. 18. Cassava: Utilization of tapioca. 19. Cassava: Post-harvest deterioration, preservation and shelf-life. 20. Cassava: Marketing and trade. Cassava: selected references.
Sweet Potato: 1. Sweet potato: introduction. 2. Sweet potato: Botany. 3. Sweet potato: Cytogenetics. 4. Sweet potato: Improvement strategy. 5. Sweet Potato: Physiology. 6. Sweet Potato: Climate and Soil. 7. Sweet Potato: Agro-techniques. 8. Sweet Potato: Area, production and productivity. 9. Sweet Potato: Diseases. 10. Sweet Potato: Pests. 11. Sweet Potato: Composition of tubers.
Aroids: 1. Aroids: Introduction. 2. Coco-Yams: Botany. 3. Coco-Yams: Cytogenetics. 4. Coco-Yams: Improvement strategy. 5. Coco-Yams: climate and soil. 6. Coco-Yams: Agro-techniques. 7. Aroids: Area, production and productivity. 8. Aroids: Diseases. 9. Aroids: Pests. 10. Coco-Yams: composition and utilization. 11. Elephant-Foot-Yam (Amorphophallus Campanulatu (Roxb.) Blume). 12. Elephant-Foot-Yam: Agro-techniques. 13. Amorphophallus: Diseases. 14. Amophophallus: Pests. 15. Amorphophallus: Harvest and yield. 16. Amorphophallus: Chemical Composition.
Yams (Dioscorea Spp.): 1. Yams (Dioscorea Spp.). 2. Yams: Botany. 3. Yams: Cytogenetics. 4. Descriptors for dioscorea Alata. 5. Yams: Climate and soil. 6. Yams: Agro-techniques. 7. Yams: World area, production and productivity. 8. Yams: Diseases. 9. Yam: Pests. 10. Yams: Chemical Composition. 11. Yams: Utilisation. 12. Yam: Problems of production.
Minor tuber crops: 1. Minor tuber crops. 2. Coleus: Agro-techniques. References.

"The pressure on, demand for food by rapid growth of human population, stressed the importance of tropical root and tuber as non-conventional food in the diet, especially of lower income groups in developing countries. These root and tuber crops include: Cassava and sweet potato (root tubers); aroids, yam, coleus (stem tuber), which are considered as staple foods for the tropical and subtropical regions like Africa, Caribbeans, South America, India and South East Asia. The tropical root and tuber crops have, within the past decades, increased in both local and international importance by the research workers, agriculturists, various agriculture colleges and institutions. The book includes various aspects like origin, geographical, distribution, cytogenetics, important strategy, physiology, biotechnology methods for improvement, microbial system, agro techniques, water management, diseases, insect-pest, chemical composition, toxic principles, utilization, post harvest deterioration, marketing and trade and selected references for each crop etc."

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