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Cassava story from Mbale

by Jasper M.M.
very harmful to dry cassava on roadside

Freshly I traveled from Mbale to Kampala and I observed a unfamiliar exercise on the Mbale-Budaka-Tirinyi-Namutumba highway.

Farmers dry their cassava by spreading it by the edge. They use the division of the moving meant for bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians and animals.

This is perilous because the anchorage are soiled and improper for drying nutrient.

Animals are ofttimes knocked late by speeding cars and their carcasses are liberal by the endorse of the way.

Message is also often dumped there and this could contaminate the content. Another issue is pollution. Exhaust fumes from the vehicles are toxic and these also contaminate the cassava.

The farmers could also be knocked by hurrying vehicles as they overspread out the cassava to dry.

I counsel the farmers to buy mats for drying the cassava. You can inquire your farming officers or the territory developing officers on otherwise options of drying cassava.

Traffic police should stay those recovered engaging in this drill.

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