Ghana and 4 Soul countries to get new cassava show

Ghana and figure new African countries, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda and Nyasaland are to goodness from a new cassava plan, CAVA which is awaited to increment the incomes of small-scale African farmers by linking them to new markets. The four-year propel seeks to turn the grade of cassava and modify it aggressive among opposite produce.

The Leader Filmmaker of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Gyiele Nurah said the work present better amend poorness because, it can be victimized as a reliever for corn flour which is costly to meaning. He noted that the outlay of harvesting cassava in the state is pricy and this has compelled writer farmers to translation to diverse crops.

The Lieutenant Executive of Pedagogy, Ability and Sports, O.B. Amoah said cassava farmers leave incur inputs at a subsidized valuate to motivate statesman grouping to go into cassava cultivation. The Clergyman titled on the farming sphere, the Nationalist Research Create as recovered as the Council for Technological and Unskilled Explore, CSIR to insure halal integrating and collaboration to attain the externalise a success.

The Supervisor Mass of CSIR, Professor Emmanuel Owusu-Benoah said cassava present now be regarded highly considering the benefit shown in it internationally.

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