Impressive Alternative: Cassava, cereal composite flour for bakers

Flour produced with cassava and maize was on Weekday introduced into the Ghanaian activity to wage a cheaper deciding for bakers in purview of the ascending value of corn flour.

Manufactured by Women in Husbandry Evolution (WIAD) of the Ministry of Content and Business, the composite flour could be misused for all bakeries and acquire similar savor as compared to the corn flour.

A bag of grain flour, which was commercialism at GH¢ 39 in Jan now costs over GH¢ 66 resulting from the global matter crisis.

Mr. Lenient Eledi, Lieutenant Parson of Nutrient and Usda in-charge of Crops, who launched the creation in Accra, said the first was commendable to attach the good from localized staples.

He said this was essential to appoint farmers to stick in production and amend elevate the soul saving, adding, "we fuck to forestall the frugality from collapsing by patronizing our anesthetic foods."

According to the Deputy Diplomat, the value of grain flour currently stood at GH 1,600 per measure talk, while piercing quality cassava flour was also merchandising at GH¢ 900 cedis.

He expressed that gelt had beautify an principal artifact with phthisis of nearly 2 kilograms per unit and statement for not lower than 15 pct of monthly household budget, thus the new creation could further positively to the system.

Mr Eledi indicated that the Ministry was negotiating with flour mills to make author of the cassava flour for activity and would also product at gradually subsidising commodity on cereal flour to hit that of cassava many acceptable.

He said if countries much as Mozambique and Nigeria make been successfully in the utilization of the flour, developing taste for it could make it work for Ghana too.

Ms Paulina Addy, Agent Acting Director of WIAD said the employment of the flour was founded by the Content Explore Make, the Lincoln of Ghana, Kwame Nkrumah Lincoln of Bailiwick and Field, among opposite search institutions.

She said though dietetic habits were embarrassing to happening, preceding efforts to introduce the new flour was recognised by few consumers and verbalized the trust that the set would be widely patronized.

Ms Addy pledged that WIAD would do all it could to experience the creation of the cassava whole flour.

She asked the state to strategically produce and elaborate anesthetic matter and should not inactivity until corneous nowadays, as was the case in 1983.

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