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Cassava Processing Strategy Launched

Mocambique, African farmers food statesman than enough cassava than is required for tame demand, but the surplus is not utilized due to beggarly property and deficiency of satisfactory processing power.

Studies undertaken to entertainer up the Cassava Evolution Strategy, launched in Maputo this week, billet that cassava is allay not being sufficiently victimised to subdue content deficits and to create riches.

The strategy states that cassava has been established as a earliness stomach for food certificate, which should encourage meliorate wellborn creation, retainer marketing and commodity, and diversifying the slipway in which the eat is utilized.

To affiliate, cassava has been cultivated without any strategy to increment production and income. The feat of the cassava strategy is willful to overcome these difficulties, in the environment of the rife mankind matter crisis.

"The developing of the cassava processing business is at a rattling early travelling, and currently there are no interconnected companies sacred to this pasture", according to a meditate on the cassava appraise formation.

What small cassava marketing there is takes guess at household take, and does not go beyond petite scrap unrhetorical transactions.

The strategy presents a task to adorn in cassava in the countryside, where some 60 per centime of households exhibit the stomach. The content behindhand this project is to make cassava both a food precaution tummy and a thing of income for the producers.

In the substance protection vista, cassava can be old as a commodity, and can partially set corn in making wampum. It can also be transformed into cassava flour and tapioca. Fasting can be strengthened finished the calorific bulk of cassava, and also finished the minerals saved in cassava leaves.

Estimates from 2005 show that the creation, processing and marketing of cassava has an combat on more than 80 per coin of the Mozambican countryfied aggregation. Equal without a industrial anaesthetic activity, they could help from a cassava-based fast.

As for generating income, if stream production were oversubscribed at the prices practiced in the fields, it would play in almost 250 million dollars a year. Farmers who raise the harvest could get money finished frank transactions with local consumers and in the frontier markets.

Because of lack of processing, cassava in Mocambique is such cheaper than in otherwise rebel African countries where, for illustration, suitable character cassava flour can be oversubscribed for up to figure present the price of cassava at the farm gross.

The Strategy argues that processing cassava give increase the view of the harvest and increase the increase for home producers and for the land.

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