Bioethanol, fuel Friendly Environment

BOGOR - When cassava can be processed into confectionery, it is normal. But when the cassava is processed into fuel oil (fuel), high-quality, which called the bioetanol certainly extraordinary. With certain techniques and processes, cassava can be processed into fuel.

To produce one liter six bioethanol required half a kilogram of cassava. So that can be applied in the vehicle, bioetanol still must be mixed with a premium. The difference one appeal or nine liters of bioethanol should be mixed with nine liters of premium.

According to Eka Bukit, produesen bioethanol, the use of this type of fuel gas emissions dispose of the vehicle so low. "The engines are not titillate," said Eka at the Bogor Institute of Agriculture, West Java. Not only that, researchers from the IPB also assess the quality of bioethanol equivalent pertamax.

Bioethanol have been sold freely in the market with a price of around Rp 15 thousand per liter. However, to use, machines, vehicles must be modified first. For that you want to know how to make bioetanol, can follow the training provided IPB free.

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