Business Opportunities Cassava also can be Franchised (TelaKrez)

What are you listening in the minds of cassava? Something cassava boiled, fried cassava, cassava chip and cassava fuel.
What if cassava coated chocolate or strawberry? I think the corn fuel?
Cassava various taste is not just a mere illusion. Firmansyah Budi any change snack people is a commodity business that arouse, only his mother capitalization kitchen equipment.
December 2005, he started a business cassava (in the language called Java Have from yam) is the trademark Tela Krez. January 2006, he decided to develop the business concept with the franchise.
Not vain, Have Krez now has 120 outlets in 22 U.S. cities, Ranging from Yogyakarta, Jakarta, Malang, Surabaya, Ciledug to Samarinda and Makasar, Most people want to participate peddle Tela Krez because of cheap capital. Only with 4,5 million IDR, you can start this business.
With the capital that, you get a outlets with equipment and raw materials early. You are also free franchise fee for 3 years. Not only cheap, the return of investment it quickly, only about one month.
You can choose a permanent outlet that can be placed in shopping centers or outlets which refection be around. There are dozens of taste that can be sold cassava. Sales normally reach 20-200 pack each day, depending on the location of outlets.
"Because of cheap, elementary school children can also buy, because the soft parents also like," said Firmansyah on detikFinance in during the exhibition franchises last week. If their sales reached 20 packs a day, then turnover is around 1.8 million IDR per day.
If you want more stability again, you can instill Rp 5-6 million at the same time. Same as before, you get the outlets, equipment, and raw materials early. But you can franchise fee, free for 5 years plus a guarantee of capital return in one year.
In addition to the capital because of the cheap, and the return of the investment quickly, the business risk is relatively small because the food business can never be quiet.
Tela Krez also been awarded Indonesia Entrepreneur Small Medium Business Award 2007 category of traditional food with high economic value.

Interested? Please contact Firmansyah no phone: 0274-7000211

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Hmmm.. that cassava smells really good not just for the stomach but also for the wallet. THat is if you choose to have a franchise for this.

Good to know it can be use for succeeding in business.