Today is not my day

Early morning October 10, 2008, I am ready for my big day, well it is already three months I’ve been waiting for this occasion. First week of July I have submitted my proposal for bio fuel, and bio ethanol to Department of Agriculture at Lamongan – East Java – Indonesia.

They were very interested in Bio Fuel that I ever post at my blog , several community at Turi Village – Lamongan East Java Indonesia, has already this kind of project and want to share with me as they see that my article really useful for their community. For me this is a chance and challenge to develop this bio fuel project, since they also has the same interest.

So I’ve decided to give a talk. and assume that my tools for my presentation is ready and they already prepared everything for my presentation for their development project in bio fuel…while they in their activity, I try to set up my tools, I really want to show to the community that my presentation is good presentation, and I really confident at that time.

The audience is really enthusiast and I start my presentation with my first page, second and so on , I have a little bit trouble,……suddenly my flash presentation is stuck and I could not continue my presentation. Despite many times to carry on, still it does not work properly and end up with my first page of presentation.
At that time need extra touch for it, I have no idea why it’s become worst, although I have prepare it in a long time. After a while, I continue to do it and the worst is my presentation stuck!!

My best friend ever told me that he ever heard about one of the company that has a problem solving for this experience, he told me that my presentation will be best presentation that I ever have. Just need to type what I need and pass to Chicago Video Production Company for stand out presentation, visual stunning and it can help creating our presentation better, well just need to give a try, nothing to lose right?

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