Stories bioethanol from Sukabumi

Three months ago while fired a cup of coffee, Wien Iskandar bioetanol products to offer transportation drivers city. The result of the owners of numbers in Sukabumi, West Java, now regularly buy artificial bioethanol Wien Iskandar. Five hundred liters bioethanol production a day, fill out the tanks the numbers. Tarumanagara University alumni that meraup earnings-Rp111 million a month from business bioethanol.

Wien Iskandar owners to sell bioethanol numbers in 2 forms. From bioethanol production of 500 liters per day, 400 liters sold directly to the price of Rp. 8000, 10,000 per liter. Driver-driver to buy a few liters of numbers and mixed with their own premium in the tank car. Meanwhile, 100 liters of other, he oplos with premium and sold Rp. 5,000 per liter. Bioetanol share of only 10% alias E10. Mixture is also called gasohol shortness of gasoline alcohol.

Currently, 600 numbers recorded in Sukabumi routine 'consume' bioethanol cardboard Wien. 'It was a lot of owners suspicious numbers, I mix with kerosene and size does not fit,' said the man was 49 years old recall. To convince consumers, the owner of PT Panca Jaya Raharja bioethanol give it free for 2 days. Because feel more comfortable, they eventually become customers bioetanol production Wien Iskandar.

'Towing machine so more light. I will continue to use bioethanol, 'said H. Sapari, the owner of numbers. Two months since November 2007, he was subscribing to bioetanol to fuel 3 angkotnya majors Cidahu-Cicurug, both in Sukabumi. Each numbers to 25 liters of E10 fuel per day. Bioethanol used by the owner Sapari numbers and other raw cassava is based sugar cane waste

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