Cassava chip the menu of the school feeding programme

CASSAVA chips, which will be manufactured by Trinidad and Tobago agrarian business relation (TTABA) balanced, in order to register the menu of the drawing in program of the school.

A TTABA it said speakers that CASSAVA chips, which was introduced at the schools was a large success. Accompanied of the pawpaw ketchup, the plate helps to reduce the quantity roti and the rice those on a daily basis at the nation' are served, According to the latest illustrations with 813 schools were served to 132,044 meals on a daily basis. The meals are prepared by 76 food suppliers in the country.

TTABA officials plan to supply Cassava as well as sweet potato chips with the pawpaw ketchup, which is manufactured by the product of garden, which is cultivated by the local farmers.

Thousands of pounds of cassava and sweet potato will be bought from TTABA, that have contracted the cultivators in order to plant the acres of the three harvests, including pawpaw, cassava and sweet potato.

"Wherever we take the integrated circuits of cassava and sweet potato chips with pawpaw ketchup, we have found the consumers enthusiastic", TTABA executive of Farouk Khan, have said.

The TTABA civil employees are now in the argument with the dietetic services of the national schools limited (NSDSL) of the formation ministry in order to include the integrated circuits of the sweet potato and the cassava in the program d' feeding of the school.

NSDSL introduced smart menus in September 2006 under the theme, "Making it cool to eat in school", and reported that pizza, roti, roast chicken with barbecue sauce, fried rice and chunky vegetables, fried chicken, curried channa and potatoes with paratha roti, pommecythere or mango amchar and callaloo would be served to the nation's primary school children.

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