Yams are a hybrid variety

The yams to be an hybrid mixture of sweet potato, of course wet and tasty. Bruce´s use only the dear of yam, with a method of drievoudig-stadiumschil which tally gone 45% of the outside to get to the tastiest part. And are harvested, like with our other vegetable products Bruce´s, our yams and within 24 hours after leave of the area been possible.

The Yams van Bruce´s are yams favoriete America´s. during the holiday of the Dankzegging, sell Bruce´s than 35% of all been possible yams, equaling millions can more. The consumers love our yams because they are high in beta carotene and carry the healthy control sign connection of the heart of the American association of the heart. The mark-tied peels the production process of Bruce´s the yams to ' Sweetheart' of yam.

The small spaanders and the pieces yams are removed during our processing to produce a golden, wet more closely developed, uniform sweet potato in a clear, golden stroop. Moreover, we cause most complete offer of the products of the sweet potato available including the pan of filling of the torta of the sweet potato, sweet potato with upper topping, Yams in the orange sauce of the pineapple, and glazed Yams.

The brilliance of yam of Bruce´s is kruiden covers being appropriate sweet potatoes been possible to fresh or when again hydrated, microwaved or baked.

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