Papua New Guinea create 5,000 jobs for cassava biofuel project

In Papua New Guinea produce ethyl alcohol multi-million-dollar a project would carry out cassava must more than to 5,000 job lead.

The tapioca of company Changhae is behind the project, which sees eventual 500,000 barrels of cassava with a value of $US15 millions which are carried out of PNG each year.

The cassava is a main feeding plant for many in the peaceful area, but it’s economically potential as a source of biofuel starts also is opened up.

A lot of Vele Kagena, of the ministry of PNG of husbandry, says to cassava sale for fuel a whole new market for a lot of rural people will open

"As soon as they nurserymen become, beginning their own grow cassava, they it to the company, absolute " to sell, he said.
"An available market will be, so that as soon as they start sell turnover to the market, they will have cash in their pocket.

"Each way it is going to bring a lot of benefit to the people."

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