Daily food

Lately still high ranking the adult having a problem with fat, and mostly is female who has this problem, they already try hard to burned the fat that of course will make us fell a shamed and feel no confident, especially when we attend an invitation that need us to dress up “black tie”

Well all the problem has their own solution, people already knowing that junk food is the one who contribute this major problem. Although everybody know about this food is bad for our health, still they consumed. Nature has already provide all our needs it’s just need our justification whether this is good for our health or not. There always a choices to chose, for instant if we know that rice is has a lot of sugar, then we need to replace it with Cassava which is has the same content of nutrition, especially carbohydrate from rice which is contribute a lot of sugar nutrition which can effect with so many health problem if we consumed a lot.

For us this is not so difficult to make a list from our daily consumed just need spent your little time to write down what we can eat and what we can not. Or if we have a difficulty to make a decision or we want to have clear information about anything related to our health try find diet reviews for your own beneficiary.

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