Funny story with my Dads

My father like very much with his collection, almost every day he always touch up and polish his collection and for him this a daily activity that never been forget. As usual early in the morning he lay down at terrace his favorite place, and there already a cup of coffee in his table, and also one that he never forget is “sugar cassava” his favorites menu accompany him and never forget also his cigarette in his lips.

He starting his activity, polishing his favorite old car Cadillac sedan hardtop 4window 1960,also has a nickname “flattop”version.
He never forget to ride surrounding his house with my little brother accompany him. There is a funny story that we ever discuss with him about his favorite cars, and as a young generation we feel that the old car, or classic cars is not comfortable for riding especially if we run with speed 75 kmh, and he claim that my opinion is wrong and he willing to asked me and challenge me to joint at his tour that will be take around 70 km journey.

I take that challenge, and the day after we discuss the route and all the preparation for this challenge. At the first time he start his classic Cadillac it takes around 15 minute, then we continue with our journey, and not so long we already 20 km away with constantly drive about 30 Kmh! oh God this is not good I feel terrible the car is so slow, and Smokey, then I told him that better if you have no expert mechanic better if you go directly to Used Cadillacs Harrisburg PA the experts company who can solving your problem Dad…

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