Collecting Hobbies Item

Talking about favorite sport that I always wanted become expert is baseball, when I was a kid my father always asked me to accompany him to watch his favorite game, for the first time I feel that this sport was not interesting me, but because I always watch when there is a game so, slowly but sure then I fall in love with this game.

In the first session of league, in my city the hometown club always become a champion and all young people already love that team, and try to collect souvenir, that have the logos of the club, also my self I am starting to collect souvenir of my favorite club, such as t-shirt, shoe, hat and also Baseball Gloves which is very rare at that time, you need to indent and pay in advance to get this stuff, it is unique actually when it comes in our mind that collecting our hobbies stuff is the great activity that really enjoyable, we try to find out the stuffs that need to collect and sometime we never thinking about the energy or cost that we have been thru, because in our mind only thinking about the goods that we after.

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