The Largest Taxi Company

Last week when I have an invitation from one of the famous and well-known university at Surabaya, Indonesia I try to used public transportation and by chance I meet with one of the larges taxi company, which all the taxi unit rank is number one between all taxi Company in Surabaya, surprising me when I enter the car and sit at back of the driver.

For a while I think maybe this is a brand new car, but after several block I asked the driver “ what kind of car is it Sir ” asked me seriously, “ Oh…this is Nissan Sunny ” answer the driver, then I take a deep breath and continue my curiosity “ Oh… Nissan Sunny?..ya..ya.. I know this car was build if I am not mistake year 2004, and this is a 1300 cc, with 5 speed transmission…wow.. this is 4 year used car? “Yes Sir this an old car but Nissan is the greatest car that I ever know Sir, because almost everyday I use this car for living Sir, and I never having a serious problem with this car ” says the driver with his smile.

No wonder this taxi company become very big and has so many unit, well for me this is new information that I can recommended to all my friend but because not many Nissan at Indonesia, for me better if you visit to Nissan Dealer MA, for more details information and I guarantee you will get the information that you all need.

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