Cool stuff to play

For me it’s easier made a cake from cassava rather then playing Roulette, actually Roulette is cool stuff and easy to play, but I don’t know why I am not the man that hands on with this stuff.

I have a funny story when I was in a senior high school, we always try something that we have seen on TV, I saw one of my favorites serial television, it’s about the activity at casino and one of the game is a big vertical round table and always spinning around and there is so many picture inside of that round table, I thought this is a wheel, but the funny is when I try to mentioned the name of the game all my friend always laugh at me and I am still does not understand why they all laugh at me. Then I realize that the way I said roulette is have a different pronunciation.

We have kind game that we called it “dremulen” I understand maybe you all don’t know a bout this kind of game, but when we play this “dremulen” is almost the same with roulette that in Vegas is very famous, still until now I’d rather busy with my cassava thing rather then playing a roulette.

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