Set up a strategy for your product

As my Cassava chips product has already develop and it takes several month to understand the market needs then I try to do my home works, trying to set advertising, marketing development and conjunction selling strategy. All this method has already been try for several weeks with unsatisfied result.

Yet I never give up with my effort, try to asked the seller why my product did not meet satisfaction and they also find a difficulty to answer, I wondering do I made a mistake with my package or I don’t understand the market, from my observation I feel that this is already last effort and try so many method which is still the result unchanged end up with low revenue, low selling volume.. Almost given up then I try to search and find the solution, by chance I find a link Clickbooth Webinars that will help to solve my problem and it’s not so difficult to practice and less effort really I also surprised with the result, you may also try to find the solution on the link if it you facing the same problem with me. Nothing to lose just in case you’ve been in trouble and desperate to do a sales technique or sales strategy just give it a try.

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